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Play touch rugby in the Czech Republic!

Posted on 7.3.2013 in Czech Republic Touch


Touch Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.  It is a non-contact, fun, simple and fast game similar to rugby but without the tackling (Injuries). Therefore it attracts both men and women of all ages and skill levels. Touch is easy to learn and is great for fitness.


We play touch Rugby once a week in winter and twice a week in summer. So far we have had many expats and locals play with us and we have maintained a weekly event in Prague for 6 years now.

We have entered in official competitions, competing against teams that play in the touch rugby world cup, this may sound daunting to new-comers, although it should not as the main point of touch rugby in Prague is to keep fit, meet new people and not take it too seriously. It is very likely that we will go for a drink after the game, whether it is in letna, slavia or ceskomoravska. We have many places to play in Prague and we can all vote which place would be the most convenient to play.

The best thing about touch rugby, it is not like other sports where if you are a player with less ability, you could hinder your team. With touch rugby, the game is far more interesting and fun for new-comers. We have had low turn-out’s before and we had to play 3 a-side, It is a lot less fun and a lot more hard work! We have had many occasions when a new group of people joined and never played before, we had 6 a-side and everyone had a fantastic game. It just goes to show with touch rugby it really is ‘more the merrier’

At the end of the day, we have seen people getting married and people finding new jobs, just because of touch rugby. Turn up just once, you will be welcomed and asked to come back next time, guaranteed! To play in the summer, just wear whatever is comfortable to run in. As far as footwear is concerned trainers or boots are both fine.

To contact any of the regular members please make a comment on the facebook wall of Prague barbarians, or contact

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