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9s Prague International Tournament-2013

Posted on 30.5.2013 in Prague Vikings




Prague 9s Invitational Tournament --- 2013

During the past May 4th our Prague Vikings had an acceptable pre-season debut (2-2) to finish 3rd of 5 teams in the 9s International Tournament. Our club had the debut of 4 new rookie players.

The other teams which participated during this tournament were:  Pardubice Jets, Chrudim Angels, Hradec Kralove Broncos and Lebanese- American University (LAU). This last team won the tournament undefeated regardless of finishing  with 3 injured players.

Our Prague Vikings started their first game defeating their long time rivals, the Pardubice Jets, to follow on with a defeat in the second match against the Chrudim Angels. Thus, the third match against the Hradec kralove was very closed, our club went on to beat the Broncos in the last minute. The fourth and closing tournament match of the International tournament was a defeat against the LAU.






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