Barbarian Vikings

About Prague Barbarians and the Barbarian Vikings club

Prague Barbarians

The Prague Barbarians celebrate 20 years of existence in 2013 formed many years ago in the now gone but not forgotten old James Joyce.

The Barbarians traditionally has being made up from expatriates but Czech and Slovaks have also played the Barbarians spirit has always being to play for fun and enjoy the social side of Rugby.

Fixtures have being varied over the years, against Czech Teams on a friendly basis and for a number of years entered a team in the Czech 2nd Division.

The Barbarians have also played many a touring side from all over the world as well as competing in the Warsaw 10s Capitals Cup and the Prague 7s on a regular basis.

Over the years many friendships, business deals, beers consumed and the occasional touch of Rugby have evolved via the Ba Baas.

if you wish to join the Barbarians, we welcome players from all nationalities,and of all standards and experience.

The Barbarian Vikings club

The Barbarian Vikings club brings together three rugby teams - the long-standing Prague Barbarians rugby team, the similarly long-standing Touch group and the newly created Prague Vikings rugby league team – within a single umbrella organization, which is now an officially registered association in the Czech Republic.

The club’s mission is to promote rugby in all its forms with an international focus in the Czech Republic. By pooling resources into a single organization, we have already seen some benefits, including improved facilities, broader recruitment and enhanced mobility between codes, increased visibility and growing local and international relationships.

In order to make this initiative sustainable and to create a good foundation for the stability and growth of the club, we need your support. In particular, you can help by doing one or more of the following:

1 Player registration. You can register with the club to play union, league and/or touch, according to your preference. For those without experience, they may find touch as an accessible way to start playing, and then may decide to move into contact (or not) depending on how they enjoy it.

2 Social Registration. For those not able to register as a playing member – including those not living in Prague any more – please consider joining the club as a social member.

3 Membership Fees. One of the most important advantages of a combined codes club is to pool resources including financial resources. The 2012 fees for playing members are 750kc and for social members are 450kc. Funds can be sent to the following bank account indicating your name in the payment instructions: IBAN CZ22 0800 0000 0028 3567 9399 SWIFT GIBACZPX ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2835679399 BANK CODE: 0800 ACCOUNT NAME: Barbarian Vikings

4 Merchandise. We have started to produce merchandise for the club. Our first item is a great Prague Vikings polo shirt which many of you have seen and which we are selling for 500kc each (available in S, M, X and XL). All proceeds go to support the club. In future, we will have Barbarians shirts and Czech Republic Touch polo shirts. Please support the club by ordering a polo shirt by email to

5 Sponsorship. At the moment, the club’s main sponsor is the Czech Australian New Zealand Association (CANZA) but we are seeking further sponsors for the remainder of 2012 as well as 2013. Our annual sponsorship packages are:

o 25,000kc (1200 USD) - Team sponsorship (Barbarians, Vikings or Touch) - including placement on the relevant team website and logo on the relevant team kit for the season.

o 50,000kc (2400 USD) - Club sponsorship (all three teams) - including placement on the club website (including all three team individual websites) and logo on all team kits for the season.

o We are also able to offer extended packages covering 2013 and the remainder of 2012 for 35,000kc (team) or 70,000kc (club).

o Sponsors will be invited to contribute in cash or in kind where they are able to offer items relevant for the club use (e.g. fields, transportation, merchandise etc) If you or your company may be willing and able to contribute to the club in this way, we would really appreciate hearing from you regarding interest in a sponsorship package.