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Czech Touch has new website!

Posted on 24.11.2017 in Czech Republic Touch


Czech Touch has been going from strength to strength and has a new stand-alone website with all the latest news and information regarding this growing sport.  "Czech" it out at!

9s Prague International Tournament-2013

Posted on 30.5.2013 in Prague Vikings




Prague 9s Invitational Tournament --- 2013

During the past May 4th our Prague Vikings had an acceptable pre-season debut (2-2) to finish 3rd of 5 teams in the 9s International Tournament. Our club had the debut of 4 new rookie players.

The other teams which participated during this tournament were:  Pardubice Jets, Chrudim Angels, Hradec Kralove Broncos and Lebanese- American University (LAU). This last team won the tournament undefeated regardless of finishing  with 3 injured players.

Our Prague Vikings started their first game defeating their long time rivals, the Pardubice Jets, to follow on with a defeat in the second match against the Chrudim Angels. Thus, the third match against the Hradec kralove was very closed, our club went on to beat the Broncos in the last minute. The fourth and closing tournament match of the International tournament was a defeat against the LAU.

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Posted on 20.3.2013 in Prague Vikings

In 2013 the Prague Vikings rugby league team will be registered in the Second Division Czech Rugby League competition, which is more flexible and less demanding than the First Division.

Our most important tournament in the first half of the year will be a home tournament on 4 May to be held as part of the Prague Sports Tours International 9s tournament.  Players and supporters should SAVE THE DATE for this one!

For more information and the dates and locations of other tournaments, read more below.


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Play touch rugby in the Czech Republic!

Posted on 7.3.2013 in Czech Republic Touch


Touch Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.  It is a non-contact, fun, simple and fast game similar to rugby but without the tackling (Injuries). Therefore it attracts both men and women of all ages and skill levels. Touch is easy to learn and is great for fitness.


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Czech Republic Touch wins bronze in Vienna!

Posted on 18.8.2012 in Czech Republic Touch


Our touch rugby team has again placed third in an international competition, this time at the ACC Mens Open Championship in Vienna.  Having lost games only to the finalist teams from London and Vienna, our guys prevailed in the 3v4 playoff game against the ACC team by four tries to two.  Thanks to all those who participated and well done!

Touch rugby is played in Prague throughout the year on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons in conjunction with the Barbarian Vikings rugby club.  For more information, email to